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The Critical Step We Now Must Take

Americans’ attention spans divide sharply among issues, controversies, and opinions, abounding on every side, assailing from every direction. The dearth of common goals and actions toward preserving and keeping the Republic alive will, in fact, shortly bring about the end of the Republic, and with it the end of the American dream, the Rule of Law, and any hope of prosperity and survival. It is now the time to decide and to act.

While we are all fixated on our concerns, very few have noticed the most destructive danger we face. Indeed, we have allowed this danger to grow without surcease for fifty years or more, and have rarely been interested to examine the source of the problems, or the damage they cause to the GDP, to federal and State budgets, and most particularly to our personal incomes, our health, and our prospects toward a future for America. For the overwhelming majority of us, as America goes, we go, for good or ill.

“Managing healthcare cost” has been the focus of multiple laws, policies, and practices, for as long as we remember. Indeed, these costs have grown exponentially for at least fifty years, and despite all past legislation the growth continues. As the costs increase production suffers, as does our actual standard of living. This single element of the economy right now has power to destroy this Republic, and all of us with it.

The critical step we now must take is to bring healthcare costs under check, decrease them rapidly, and free the economy and the budgets to function as they must. We will not accomplish these goals by passing new laws. Laws succeed only when they are enforced. Witness the huge number of laws on the books, both federally and in the States, and particularly laws whose intent is to prevent antitrust actions on the part of individuals, companies, and corporations.

The laws exist, but executive branches of governments fail to enforce those laws, thereby making them in a practical sense null and void. The federal body of law governing antitrust is 15 U.S.C. § 1, and includes the Sherman Antitrust Act (1890), the Clayton Antitrust Act (1914), the Federal Trade Commission Act (1914), the Robinson-Patman Anti-Discrimination Act (1936), and the Celler-Kefauver Act (1950). These are the laws left unenforced by Presidents and Departments of Justice, and that failure to enforce these laws allows the entire medical industry, including health insurance, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, clinics, and doctors to continue the process of destroying the economy and the Republic. These are the laws that must be enforced, and yet they have not been enforced to any lasting effect toward controlling the “costs of medical care”.

Truly enforcing 15 U.S.C. § 1 would result in indictments, prosecutions, judgments (civil/criminal), both convictions and punishments (criminal), and very likely the destruction of the entire medical cartel. More, enforcement would bring actual hope for reducing medical costs radically and rapidly.

This is the critical step that we must take, that cannot be ignored, that failure to take will cost us the Republic, our lives, and our health. We must take this step, and now.

Will we take this critical step?

The Untidy Case of Miss Ida May Fuller, of Ludlow, Vermont

The subject of our story is one Miss Ida May Fuller, who did retire in late 1939, having paid Social Security taxes for a smidgen shy of three years. The payroll tax for Social Security had gone into effect in January, 1937, and she, as a legal secretary, had paid precisely $24.75 into the Social Security system prior to her retirement, as is shown in her record at the Social Security Administration Website. (Her employer(s), presumably, had paid the same amount, under the law current at the time, so a grand total of $49.50 had been “contributed” to Social Security, if not entirely upon her behalf, at least because of her employment situation.)

Our dear Miss Fuller was one of those who lives a rather long time, as she died at age 100, in 1975, and so she collected Social Security pension, or old-age, payments for thirty-five years or so. By the time Miss Fuller had shuffled off this mortal coil she had collected precisely $22,888.92 from the Social Security Administration, from her “contribution” of $24.75 between January, 1937, and late 1939. That is quite a remarkable feat for any investor, would you not say, to increase an investment by 92,480% over the course of thirty-five years? Yes, well, one supposes she had some help in that regard, even without knowledge of the precise source of that “help”.

All of these numbers and such can, and often do, inflame the imaginational juices to flow, and so your correspondent got down to a little computation, what his Pastor might call “shucking the corn right down to the cob”. So I went online at, and looked at my account, where I found that, as of the end of 2012, I had paid just a little more than $83,000 in Social Security taxes, and that does exclude Medicare taxes during my working lifetime to this point. Of course this figure set the muse’s boat to rocking, and after a quick calculation wherein I determined that Miss Ida May Fuller had received 924.8 times the amount she had personally “paid in” to Social Security in benefits, I simply had to do the multiplication on my own account, assuming I could retire tomorrow.

I’ve paid $83,000 in Social Security taxes.

$83,000 * 924.8 = $76,758,400 – so that’s what I, based upon Social Security payout recipient number one, should receive during my retirement years. Wow! That’s. Just. Incredible.

Suppose I live another thirty-four years post-retirement? (Not thirty-five years, since my “official” retirement age is now sixty-six.)

That comes out to $76,758,400 / 34 years = $2,257,600 / year. Again, that’s just unbelievable. Now we’re going to “shuck a little closer to the cob”, and find out something else.

$2,257,600 /year divided by 12 months per year comes out to $188,133.33 a month. Or $6,719.05 a day in three Februaries out of four, and as little $6,068.82 a day in January, March, May, July, August, October, and December. All in all, that’s a pretty doggone attractive corn cob!

(The reader will note that I have omitted to mention the “employers’ contributions” herein, as they seem not to have a part in these calculations based upon the figures revealed by the Social Security Administration.)

Of course, the Untidy Case of Miss Ida May Fuller is not the kind of thing Social Security was supposed to bring to pass. The House Ways and Means Committee and Senate Finance Committee hearings make it perfectly clear that it was all about economic recovery, and helping the poor, and the down-trodden, and above all the children in those awful “post-Depression” times. And yet. And yet. Miss Ida May Fuller did most certainly receive that multiplier of 924.8 upon her “contribution”, is it not so? She was one of the blessed few who become centenarians before they are finished, and most of us are not of that number. Even so.

Was not Social Security about fairness? About the “New Deal” for the “little guy” and the “working man” and the “impoverished family”? Do we not still have the “little guy” and the “working man” today? And do we not have, as well, that “impoverished family” today? Why does a Miss Ida May Fuller get to enjoy this kind of largesse from the rest of us, but we do not get to expect the same in our declining years?

I am thinking that, upon the date set for my “official retirement”, which will be November 14, 2017, I should bring suit against the Social Security Administration (and anyone else a team of good lawyers can haul into the thing) for immediate payout of the complete and total amount that I will have, at that time, “paid in to” Social Security, multiplied by the “Ida May Fuller” factor of 924.8.

Why don’t you consider doing the same kind of thing? It seems we’ve already lost anyway, so what is there to lose?

Be sweet.

A Prayer for President Obama

By Dan Delzell , Special to CP

November 8, 2012|6:21 am

As Christians, it is our duty to pray for our president and for all those in positions of authority. (see 1 Timothy 2:1-4) As Christians, we obviously are deeply concerned about the sanctity of human life, the institution of marriage between a man and a woman, and the moral necessity of paying off our national debt for the sake of future generations.

With those matters and other moral issues in mind, here is a prayer which many of us can pray regularly in sincerity and in truth.

Almighty God,

Thank you for giving us your Son as our Redeemer. Thank you that His kingdom shall have no end. Wash away my sins Lord Jesus, and give me O Holy Spirit a love for the things you love….and a hatred for the things you hate. Help me not to grieve you by my words, my behavior, or my daily agenda.

Thank you Lord for all the blessings which you have poured out upon our nation over these many years. We are not worthy of your blessings….but we humbly and graciously thank you for your goodness and mercy to us.

Look down upon President Obama and grant him your wisdom O Lord. In his profession of faith in Christ, show him clearly what his profession calls him to do….first as a believer, and secondly as president. Lead him to trust in Christ’s death on the cross for his sins, and not in his own efforts or religious deeds. Teach him the Gospel message of salvation through faith in Christ alone. Bring him to that spiritual place where his soul is born again through faith in Jesus….and empower him to share with others his love for you O Lord.

Give President Obama a love for the Scriptures, and for prayer. Grant him faith to trust you everyday in every situation. Give our president and his wife and daughters a strong prayer life together, and daily discussions about how Christianity transforms our life and our decisions.

Teach President Obama that the killing of unborn children is every bit as evil as the slavery which white men forced upon black men in our nation’s history. Encourage our president to keep his thoughts not only on those outside the womb, but also on those inside the womb. Lead him to become obsessed with the ultrasound images of unborn babies, and to become convinced of the immorality of inflicting pain and death upon unborn children. Give him a passion to protect and to free these innocent black, white, and brown babies from the cruel and barbaric practice of abortion.

Change his heart O Lord not only on the issue of life, but also on the biblical issue of marriage. Teach him to take the Scriptures literally, not only in those passages regarding salvation….and heaven and hell….and the blood of Jesus….and the need for righteous living….but also on your clear teaching concerning marriage. Show him O Lord that a promotion of same-sex marriage is a promotion of sin, and that it is his duty as a Christian never to promote sin of any kind….whether it be lying, stealing, oppression, adultery, injustice, greed, or homosexuality. Teach him O Lord that “righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.” (Proverbs 14:34)

Give our president a love for all people regardless of their lifestyle, and the Christian conviction about biblical marriage which is held by black, white, and brown believers in Christ all over the world. Show him how to love the sinner, without embracing the behavior and promoting the sin.

Help President Obama to make wise financial decisions as well. Teach our president that it is wrong to pass on this huge financial debt to future generations. Wake him up to the dangers which this enormous debt presents to our nation. Give him wisdom in the area of financial responsibility, and in all other areas which require common sense and “sanctified sense.”

Thank you Lord that we have not elected a “Pastor-in-Chief,” and that our president does not need to be a full-time theologian. But help him Lord to understand the necessity of turning to the Bible everyday for wisdom, strength, and direction. Show him his responsibility in this critical area as a professing Christian.

Help me Lord to trust you even when things in this world seem confusing or alarming. My hope is in you Jesus, and not in any elected official. Thank you Lord for being such a faithful friend and Savior, and for granting me the free gift of eternal life through faith in Christ. Help President Obama to develop a strong friendship with you, an eternal trust in you, and a life of daily obedience to your commands.

Protect and deliver us today in America O Lord. Turn my heart and millions of hearts to you this day through repentance and faith in Christ. And in so doing, we will be led to serve and follow you, our King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Come quickly Lord Jesus. We need you in our lives and in our nation now more than ever, and we rely upon your forgiveness, your blessing, and your guidance.

I pray all of these things in the name of Jesus, my Savior and Lord. Amen.


(Reposted with the gracious permission of the author.)